FlatAndFlatmates Full App

Based on React Native we offer you FlatAndFlatmates Full App, a full fledge solution for iOS and Android. We have made sure that you get a good design for mobile and a complete solution for you to easily implement this app for any Flat Rental application.
React Native is used to build this application for mobile end and the API server is made using Node with Mongodb.
It has all the features that you will ever need to implement this application for any Flat Rental, Flat Sharing application. Some of the features that are included in it are:
  • Push Notification
  • Chat with Flat Owner
  • Filtering flats based on Locality, Rent and Deposit.
  • Finding Flats in a specific locality using GPS integration
  • Facebook Authentication integration
We have made sure that the code is well structured and removed unnecessary screens to make your development life easier. It is also integrated with the following features so you could have an even better development experience.
  • ESLint to provide you with linting capability in Javascript.
  • Prettier for code formatting
  • Husky to prevent bad commits.

What will you have in FlatAndFlatmates Full App?

  • FlatAndFlatmates Mobile App
  • Application program interface server

FlatAndFlatmates Technology Stack

Application program interface (API) server

Mobile App

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