How to deploy in local machine

Deploy Api-Server and Mobile App in Local machine

Installation Steps

  • Download FlatAndFlatmates full app and extract it

  • Open terminal in extracted folder

Api Server

  1. Run cd ApiServer/ in terminal

  2. Open another terminal and enter mongod this would start mongo server

  3. Run npm install or yarn install to install packages

  4. Update the OneSignal AppId and Api key for Mobile App in ApiServer/server/service/pushNotifications.js at line 8 nad 9.

  5. Update the Cloudinary details cloud_name, api_key, api_secret in ApiServer/config/cloudinaryConfig.js

  6. Run npm start in terminal to start server

Issue Resolved : Common Issue of the mongo server

Unable to lock file: /data/db/mongod.lock resource temporarily unavailable. Is a mongod instance already running? , terminating, You need to enter, sudo killall -15 mongod

FlatAndFlatmates Mobile App

  • Install packages Navigate to MobileApp folder of the app run yarn or run npm i

  • Update your server url (Ip address) in MobileApp/config.js serverSideUrl: ''

  • Run on iOS Navigate to ios folder of Mobile App and then run pod install

    • Opt #1:

      • Open the project in Xcode from ios/FlatAndFlatmates.xcworkspace

      • Click run button to simulate

    • Opt #2:

      • Run react-native run-ios in your terminal

  • Run on Android

    • Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running or connect to android device

    • Run react-native run-android in your terminal

Configuring Google Map

Update YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY in MobileApp/ios/AppName/AppDelegate.m file for ios in line 30

Update YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY in MobileApp/android/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file for Android in line 4

You need to update key YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY inside MobileApp/src/Util/data.js file in line 3

Get Google Map API key from here

If you have trouble setting up follow here

Configuring Facebook Login

Create App on Facebook Developer

You need to update the Facebook App ID in ios/AppName/Info.plist line 28,35 && android/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml

If you have trouble setting up follow here

Configuring Sentry

Create App on You need to update file inside ios folder and in an android folder, along with it update the DNS for your app in App.js in the root folder of Mobile App

Follow documentation here and link your Mobile App.

Configuring OneSignal

Before setting up the onesignal you will need to generate an iOS Push Certificate && a Google Server API Key on Firebase console.

Go to Firebase Console -> Settings -> Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging -> iOS app configuration

You will get Google Server API Key on the same page of iOS app configuration

You need to update key OnesignalAppId inside MobileApp/src/Util/data.js file.

You have to follow here to set up the environment.