Theming Your App

Customizing the App will be a cakewalk for you. That is due to the fact, we provide you well prepared code shape. This makes it quite simple to be able to dig through the code and hence without problems customizable.

  • The utils has categorized its screens into different sections.

  • The utils has a separate file inclusive of color schemes for different sections.

Change App Colors

To customize any component of the App is very easy now. Just chnage the color codes in src/Util/Constants.js .

Rename App

Renaming any React Native app is strenous. But FlatAndFlatmates App proves its flexibility for this approach. Follow below given steps to rename your app.

  • Rename the app name in following files.

    • package.json

    • index.js

  • The process wipes out the launchscreen and app icon from your app. Hence you can restore them before moving ahead.

    • iOS: Restore ios/FlatAndFlatmates/Images.xcassets

    • Android: Restore /android/app/src/main/res

  • Delete the iOS and android directories from your project.

  • Run the following commands on your terminal

    react-native upgrade
    react-native link
  • Overwrite all the files if it prompts.

Changing App Icon

  • Want to have your own icon for your app? This is very simple with FlatAndFlatmates App. Follow below given steps to customize app-icon for your app.

    • Visit MakeAppIcon website

    • Enter the image of your choice to get logo of various dimensions

    • For iOS:

      • You should upload iOS icons to /ios//Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/

    • For Android:

      • You should upload Android icons along with the folders named as:

        • mipmap-hdpi

        • mipmap-mdpi

        • mipmap-xhdpi

        • mipmap-xxhdpi

      • Upload these folders to /android/app/src/main/res/

      • Restart packager and rebuild your app.